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QM central is here to help you with all the needs your building has. Complete Residential and Commercial cleaning. Handyman work as needed. Repairs for all buildings inside and outside. Designers and Builders to create your new construction project. Experts in helping you solve that hard problem that is not letting you pass inspections. 

Design & Build

Cleaning Services

Building Solutions

HandyMen Services

Residential Services


Our handymen are the solution for all the home maintenance and repair needs. Our handymen aren't subcontractors or part of online listing services. They are the leaders in our more significant projects giving you the opportunity to test the whole company with a handyman call.  


Our crew is flexible enough to work solo, in pairs or with as many people as needed to clean your home.  We have people with an eye for details and others with the muscle to supply all the cleaning you can needs.  We only use the products you are comfortable using and can help you decide what the best plan to keep your home clean is.