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QM central is here to help you with all the needs your building has. Complete Residential and Commercial cleaning. Handyman work as needed. Repairs for all buildings inside and outside. Designers and Builders to create your new construction project. Experts in helping you solve that hard problem that is not letting you pass inspections. 

Design & Build

Cleaning Services

Building Solutions

HandyMen Services

Solutions for your Project

This page will help you find the right solution for your construction project. Please read the descriptions and click on the one that describes the process you would like to hire. If none of this seems to work for you, please send us an email to info@theqm.team explaining your project and what do you need in detail. Thank you 


We can help you find the right crew and manage that crew for all your needs in cleaning, fixing and up-keeping your building. 


Follow Residential Link to get all your maintenance needs brought to your home.


For all commercial and industrial buildings' needs follow Commercial Link.  

Custom Work

Our shop can work stone, metal, wood and many more materials click Custom Work to create with us something special. 

Design & Build

Arquemoc, our design and build arm, has been creating functional spaces that invoke emotions on their users. The process Arquemoc uses will ease all the work on the owner and help that owner find what feelings each area should create for their rooms. Click Arquemoc is you need full Design and Build services.

Contracting Labor

We have a long list of professionals that we can manage for you, so you know the work will be done to the highest level of quality. Just click the professional you need. 


HVAC               Paint                Electricity          Plumbing

Carpentry         Tile                  Flooring            Roof